Can I get the ERP installed on my Local Network?

Yes, we can assist with the installation, configuration and deployment of verticals directly within your Local Network. This does come at a fee and it is dictated by the Business Analysis and subsequent monthly Service Level Agreement requirements.

How can I move from my old system to your ERP Solution?

There are generic importing tools that you could utilize to import your regular information such as Customer, Vendor & User details. The same applies for products & services as well as opening balances for your Journal Entries.

This typically makes it relatively easy to move from a different system to ours. That said, each system is different, and as such, should you require further in-depth migration services, we also offer such services.

Where does the data resides if I use your online services?

The data is stored and backed up within data centers across within your country. Currently, we operate within the USA, South Africa and the DRC. For any other country, we store them within data centers in Europe.

How protected is our data?

Besides our own terms and conditions stating categorically, that your data is never shared with any 3rd party, we also take extreme precautions through our extensive security levels of data protection.

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