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ERP Implementation

Let our Implementation services soften the changeover to your last ERP system

An integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can have powerful benefits, streamlining processes and saving your business time and money.

However, these benefits depend on proper system planning and implementation.

Why professional implementation is important

Jemili ERP offers the technical know-how to be an integrated ERP system. As a result, it typically affects processes and people across a company.

This means it’s important to get things right – the first time and with minimal disruption.

Also, it takes experience and industry expertise to customize an ERP system so it provides optimal support for a particular business.

At Jemili ERP, we listen carefully and assess each client’s business needs and processes. Then we translate requirements into tailored ERP systems, designed to support companies’ unique business goals and processes.

ERP System deployment

We simplify the ERP deployment – on the cloud or off – and keep costs in check through:

consultation with stakeholders
planning for existing and future needs
proper project management
experience; we know what works
system testing
provision of user training and support.