Create rich user experience in the auto repair segment

Ensure smooth repair operations with the repair management system

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Your business is especially prone to different roles and responsibilities from different vendors. Be it’s spare parts suppliers, OEM agencies, records of the different automotive components or engaging with customers, your work needs a helping hand from the vehicle repair management solution. Leave your worries of inventory, supplier engagement, or customer relationship, behind and focus on doing what you do best i.e. providing a rich user experience in the repair vertical.

From ordinary to extraordinary features

Get the best of Repair management software with extra ordinary features

Easily carry out property valuation, maintenance, insurance, utilities as well as rent management with reminders that can be set for each of these KPIs.

In-built content management system helps display available property details on a given website accompanied by the image gallery and other details for easy reachability to both, real estate buyers and property dealers.

Provision to define Deposit Schemes at the time of booking

Inbuilt Business Intelligence system enables getting robust analytical reports easy so that you take strategic decisions.

Allow user to create user defined Building Types, Room Categories & Rooms

Offers flexibility to define Pricing policies for various customer groups

Spare Parts Consumed in the Repair Project

Keep a track of spare parts consumed in your repair projects by implementing the repair management system.

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Work hours Consumed in the Vehicle Repairs

Easily manage the work hours consumed in vehicle repairs when you implement repair management software.

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Repair Task Analysis Report

Get a comprehensive repair task analysis report pulled out when you implement a repair management system open source

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Repair Task

Allocate repair tasks when to correct resources with the repair management software

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Vehicle Repair Parts

Here you can create the maintenance record for the Properties by adding details of the Maintenance , Cost against the job and state which will change based on their current status.

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