Property Leasing Management Platform

An End to End Integrated Solution that has all the features you need to run your Property Rental
Business effectively and efficiently.

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We provide an online Property Management Solution that handles each and every facet of the property management and operations, right from acquisition, accountability, control, responsibility, utilization, maintenance to disposition of the property. Besides, it allows you to manage your property operations, staff and customers globally.

It covers every department of your property management business right from marketing, sales, accounting to administration, available out of the box. Being a simple yet easy-to-use powerful web-based property management solution, it helps in meeting the unique needs of all types of property management businesses, property agents and owners.

Features of Property Leasing Management

Opt to embrace the most flexible property management software for residential and commercial properties

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Easily carry out property valuation, maintenance, insurance, utilities as well as rent management with reminders that can be set for each of these KPIs.

In-built content management system helps display available property details on a given website accompanied by the image gallery and other details for easy reachability to both, real estate buyers and property dealers.

Provision to define Deposit Schemes at the time of booking

Inbuilt Business Intelligence system enables getting robust analytical reports easy so that you take strategic decisions.

Allow user to create user defined Building Types, Room Categories & Rooms

Offers flexibility to define Pricing policies for various customer groups

Tenant Details

Here, you can manage all tenants details at one place including information like tenant personal info , Property Name, Start and End date of the Tenancy period, Total Rent and status for the respective Tenancy.

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Tenancy Rent Schedule

Here, you can create and view the Rent schedule of all the Tenants and categorize it based on Day, Week and Month. On right hand side you can view date, rent to be paid on and Calendar with the Sales activities.

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Property Maintenance

Here you can create the maintenance record for the Properties by adding details of the Maintenance , Cost against the job and state which will change based on their current status.

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Your Pipeline

Here, you can manage all tenants details at one place including information like tenant personal info , Property Name, Start and End date of the Tenancy period, Total Rent and status for the respective Tenancy.

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Landlords, tenants and property managers can access their own data online at the web site

Send disbursement payments to your clients (after taking out your management fee of course).

Send regular property summary reports to your owners to keep them up to date with their properties.


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Keep track of your mortgages so you know how much you have paid, and how much you still owe.

Track your depreciation expenses every year, and also for future years.

Perform investment and cash-flow analysis calculations to see how effective each property is.

Saves Time

Online rent collection means no more trips to the bank. Plus, you can organize all aspects of your property management business, saving you time and frustration.

Increases Profit

Between our tenant screening service and rental posting tools, fill vacancies quickly with qualified tenants and increase your bottom line. As a bonus, you’ll keep your expenses organized, preventing missed tax deductions.

Easy Setup & Use

Our services are intuitive, so much so that you probably won’t need the help of our responsive support team, but we’re available anytime if you do! The help section also has tons of easy-to-follow diagrams and training videos to get you familiar with our program.

Highly customizable

Odoo property management software enables you to add various fields as per your needs. You can add fields such as Tenant details, rent schedule, income expenditure, document expiry, properties by location, follow ups, building safety, safety certificate expiry just to name a few. Besides, you can also set reminders for vital key performance indicators (KPIs).