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Send professional and functional quotations, complete with eSignatures & online payment options.

Fully integrated Sales App

Like all other apps we supply, the Sales App is fully integrated with other applications such as: CRM, eSignature, Website Builder, Inventory Control & Accounting.

The sales application is designed to be simple and efficient getting you from quoting all the way to accepting payments effortlessly. Being simple is only part of the application as it also incorporates more advanced features such as pricelists, multi-currency and advanced product configuration. This makes it easy for small to large enterprises to utilize it with confidence.

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Sell efficiently and quickly with streamlined quotations

Your level of professionalism will be reflected

From start to finish, your prospects will be part of the sales cycle. It’s easy and fast to prepare a quote, add product descriptions, awesome images, and other details by a simple drag and drop. Our cloud-based sales module will allow your prospect to receive, accept, reject, sign online, and make payment with options you have provided them.

This customer interaction also provides the ability to discuss the sales directly through the cloud interface and keep track of related discussions.

Sales invoicing on-the-go while you're on the road

Pricing Strategies

Intelligent forecasting will allow you to strategically price your products and services

Pricing Automation

Less manual entries and increased automation…click it and it does it

Discounts & Coupons

Leverage coupons and other sales strategies to close more deals

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Streamlined electronic signatures

Your customers can review, sign documents from anywhere and any device. Documents are encrypted and more secure than paper emailing and faxing.

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Keep communication relevant

Keep track of every single move during the sales cycles. Don’t let administrative formality slow you down.

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Real-time visibility

Control the sales process with real time visibility into your pipeline, and make intelligent forecasts to close deals easily.