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Intelligent Project Management

Intuitive, Adaptable, Fluid platform

End-to-end collaborate on-the-go

Fully connected, learning your habits and routine

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Leverage TrimERP’s virtual hub of collaboration and communicate worldwide

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TrimERP’s AI learns your routine and helps you automate your work and schedule online

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TrimERP keeps high level overview and granular progress of every tasks and projects

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TrimERP provides intelligent analytics of your tasks and projects so you can remain calibrated

Adaptive Project Management

Confidence in execution

Commence with a sound project outline, invite the right co-workers to execute on your plan. TrimERP’s AI learns and adapts to your tasks so you can streamline your projects and provides a streamlined collaborative work.  You can create custom dashboards for needed project KPIs.

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Internal and External collaboration

Don’t leave your customers in the dark

Effortlessly provide your external customers a seat at the project table by sharing information that they can have access to without compromising internal confidential information. Expedite and mitigate time loss by involving the right people from the get go.

Use our messenger app to chat with your employees, team members or with your customers. You can send mass announcements, notifications or updates to your customers who can interact back with you all real time.

Integrate with your current tools

You will not skip a beat as TrimERP’s ERP and CRM has APIs to integrate with tools that you already use today. We minimize time loss and get you connected without any down time. The integration process and automated and seamless. You will be glad we got you hooked so you can keep working and reach your goals faster.

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