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Helpful Insights

This blog will give you insights on ERP functionality that will benefit your business.

44 Inventory Management Key Terminologies

Inventory management can be pretty intimidating especially if you’re new in this role.  We have come up with 44 commonly used inventory terms that you can familiarize yourself with. Committing these inventory terms to memory and understanding them may help you sound intelligent when discussing inventory management.   3PL = Third-party logistics – is a […]

5 Ways to Grow Your Business During COVID-19

As we have seen, this pandemic has been detrimental to many businesses around the world. A lot of things are out of our control right now but one thing we can control is our ability to learn and grow. Your businesses response to a crisis such as COVID-19 is critical in maintaining and bettering your […]

5 Things Entrepreneurs Should NEVER Do!

  NEVER hold onto weak employees.   Most of the time entrepreneurs start out with a close team that works together to achieve the vision they created together. If overtime you see one of them underperforming and make it a normal habit to come into work with a bad attitude, you’ve got to let them […]

POS, perfect for running a wine bar

Point Of Sale combines a beautiful and easy to use design with useful features, including: custom loyalty card programs, drag & drop table/floor plan modeling, usability functions for both retail and restaurant businesses... The POS module has it all! Julien Colson manages an upscale wine bar called "Chez Félix". They've been using the POS Module [...]

The 9 Stages of Successful ERP Implementation

Our customers will tell you there is no downside to investing in manufacturing software. Most of them agree on one thing and that is they wish they had started sooner. They would also tell you that they would not be where they are today, without the right ERP implementation strategy.