5 Ways to Grow Your Business During COVID-19

5 Ways to Grow Your Business During COVID-19

As we have seen, this pandemic has been detrimental to many businesses around the world. A lot of things are out of our control right now but one thing we can control is our ability to learn and grow. Your businesses response to a crisis such as COVID-19 is critical in maintaining and bettering your brand’s reputation. So here are 5 things your business, small or large, can start doing right now to protect and build your company during this pandemic. 




To withdrawal during a crisis is a natural reaction. However, I can assure to you that right now is not the time to make hasty business decisions to back out. 

Everyone has revenue goals they wanted to hit this year and still can! Instead of retreating, reach out for a life line. Reach out to your partners, your customers, your employees. Let them know you’re facing the same challenges they are faces and that you’re with them for the long haul. We are all human and this pandemic affected everyone in very similar ways, one being we all had to stay home! Which is a great opportunity to leverage this crisis to relate to those you want to connect with. Many businesses will be sorry they retreated because they couldn’t see the opportunities through the noise of fear.




Although the world seemed to shut down, that does not mean you and your business have to! Now is a time where you have to grind in the dark to get rewarded in the light when we come out of this crisis. It’s not a time to sit and sulk but a time to be proactive and promote. One way to grow each day is to ask yourself, “What can I do today that will add value to someone?”

For example, if you’re a family owned business, it is time for you to spice it up and bring something different to the table. Something you can do is share one of your secret family recipes to keep your customers happy and engaged.

COVID-19 has impacted our world in ways we never saw coming or could even have imagined.   


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Launching a new product or brand right now may not be the best idea. However, consumers want to know how businesses are managing employees in regard to health and safety. 

Right now, is a great time to take advantage of social media by sharing some attention grabbing pictures of your employees with their coffee mugs and pets working remotely. This shows consumers that you care for their health and safely as well as bring a sense of humility to the situation. Now as people are beginning to head back to work, sharing pictures of your employees with face masks on is a way to ease the fear of your customers. 




One thing to keep in mind is that this WILL pass. This is NOT permanent, let’s continue to lift one another up around us by spreading positivity and encouragement. There is so much fear rolling across the world, we need to see love and happiness more than ever before. By positioning your brand as a place where people can find happiness and not fear will give your business the upper hand. 

Motivation Monday, move your body Monday, Throwback Thursday, Freaky Friday, Hump Day, etc. are all great ways to use social media to bring light to your audiences feed. 




It is always good to prepare for the worst in case it happens. What will you do if someone on your team gets diagnosed? How will you respond? What are the procedures you will implement for the rest of your team who has been exposed? These are good questions to ask to ensure the safety and safety of your team and customers. 

The PWC’s guidelines, Considering the Potential Business Impacts of the COVID-19 Outbreak, lists some strategic considerations businesses should follow:

  • Establish a cross-functional steering committee, led by a C-suite member. Ensure senior representation from business divisions plus specialist leadership such as HR, Legal, IT, Operations, Risk, Communications, Finance, Health and Safety, Procurement, Sales and Crisis and Business Continuity.
  • Establish and agree process for decision making and agree critical milestones.
  • Determine reasonable worst case scenarios to inform planning assumptions. Consider likely trigger points for decision-making. Review and refresh Crisis, Continuity and specialist plans (e.g. pandemic/COVID-19). Stress test assumptions and exercise plans
  • Prepare your core Incident Management Team (IMT) to coordinate response and containment efforts.
  • Appoint functional workstreams and owners, and align activity with response objectives.
  • Ensure alignment with organization reputation, purpose and values (e.g. supporting the wider community response).

Visit the PWC’s guidelines and more information on when Considering The Potential Business Impacts Of The COVID-19 Outbreak.