grow your business with our intuitive all-in-one platform

Simplify and streamline your business end to end

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Your business

Make running your business easy by making sure everything is connected

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Your customers

Go from first point of contact to complete customer management all within one platform

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Your bottom line

Your bottom line will increase and you will be very organized

Start connecting everything today…

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Learn how customers are achieving dramatic results
  • EASY TO USE - Discover the modern ERP system.
  • EXCELLENT Training & Support services
  • FREE start-up with no risk to you
    Online Hosted ERP carries FREE initial on-boarding.
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Excellent and Professional. Quality Services
  • Analysis of your Business Requirements.
  • CUSTOM ERP Implementation
  • SMS Services - Cost-Effective & Green
    We provide SMS services for your Payroll Paystubs
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Handle all operations within your dashboards

Why not simplify your inner workflows and connect all your client facing applications 

Built-in Features

Let our out-of-the-box features support your industry-specific business processes

Create quality-focused services & products with highly flexible configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities across engagement models

Keep track of contract performance with real-time profit & loss analysis and revenue recognition

Intelligent ERP and CRM

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what if we automated your backend processes

Perform efficiently across all your organizations. Simplify decisions and automate business processes.

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Automate accounts receivable and accounts payable with continuously-improving processes

Replenish stocks with intelligent, demand-driven automation

Get a clear picture of your entire business with simplified and automated group-wide financial business intelligence reports

ERP Features

Full Business Suite of Integrated Modules & Apps


Get intelligent forecasting, control leads, opportunities and turn customers into fans

Point of Sales

Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds. Run your shop, bar or restaurant efficiently

Full Accounting

Do more accounting & business analysis, in less time. Full suite of Accounting Reports.


Agile Project Management. Beautiful. Easy. Advanced Tools. Bill your Projects & Track time.

Inventory Management

Maximize your warehouse efficiency. Purchasing, Manufacturing, Repairs..

Mail & SMS Marketing

Email & SMS Marketing Made Easy Design emails with just a few drag & drops.

Website Builder

Your enterprise website builder.

Human Resources

All-in-one: Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses, Leaves, Attendances, etc.

And there is more we offer

Intelligent ERP and CRM

Business Needs Analysis

Close the gaps between the current state of your business and its goals. Our specialists will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what your ERP system needs to comprise of in order to improve your business operations.


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ERP Implementation

Let our Implementation services soften the changeover to your last ERP system. Need our dedicated team to handle your move to our ERP solution? Say no more: we offer implementation services.


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Training Services

For more advanced training when you need it most. Our specialist will ensure your staff is fully trained to operate the application in optimized manner.


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Support Services

Keep your mind at ease that you are in great hands. We offer the services of customized technical support and SLA’s.


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Green and Reliable SMS Payslip Delivery

Full or abbreviated payslip sms delivery services. We offer the service of sending bulk SMS’ containing payslip details to your employees. This works hand-in-hand with a paperless environment and easier access to one’s income.


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